I’m Riitta Raesmaa and I help entrepreneurs get their great product to the market, and companies to get their marketing strategy and content marketing efforts right.  

I’ve helped 160+ companies in the six last years in fine tuning their marketing machine and messages so that it gets their clients mouths water. Inventing the world’s best mousetrap is useless unless you tell the world about your invention and why the customer should buy your product now.

Most of my customers are either SaaS companies with a global ambition or local technology companies with a tighter geographic focus. I’ve helped everything from tons of startups in their very first days in business to some of the largest companies in Finland.

In both cases the main issues are the same. Helping the business owner look at their product or service through the eyes of their customers to find the messages that create an urgent need to act.

Modern social marketing is not only about the message it’s also about the medium.

My recipe for success is combining strategic content marketing with efficient online activities. 

Glad to help you and your organization, check out my services and background.

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