About Me

I am passionate about business development, clever content marketing, developing cloud services, SaaS business model, and anything related to digital marketing communications.

I have over 25 years experience of business development in the chaotically changing business environment, particularly from growth and start-up companies. Both in Finland and abroad.

I love networking, both online and face-to-face. My extensive international network covers various players within cloud services, SaaS sphere, B2B sales & marketing professionals, and IT Service Management ecosystem.

riittaraesmaa_newMy Background and Person in More Detail 

I have a long history (25+ years) in marketing communications in Software Business, e.g. in following areas: ERPs and business processes, Business Intelligence, IT Service Management/IT Operations Management, and Contract Management.

I hold M.Sc. (Econ.) with computer science twist from Stockholm University/KTH Royal Institute of Technology. So I speak a bit of tech too. I am an avid cloud computing fan girl and a layman cloud software evangelist as well.

My professional playground and interests at the moment are related to Content & Inbound Marketing, Social Business Design/Enterprise 2.0, Cloud Computing, SaaS business model, Social CRM, and anything related to digitalization.

My days are filled with business development, software and services productization, unlearning of the old way of communication, and helping fellow entrepreneurs and organizations in various marketing communication challenges. And of course, Social Media in all forms.

Many of you already know me, but here something extra you might have missed:

  • Skills. Unlearning & learning sets me on fire. It feels good to be not-at-all-perfect, lots of space to learn.
  • Energy. I admire people who are so energetic that they can make any subject interesting. Trying my best to learn that.
  • Respect. I do enjoy discussions in which there’s true respect and interest towards each others opinions and experiences: discussions which actually affect and improve our thinking are the best. I love Esa Saarinen’s approach – respect as the core value.
  • Age & Experience. I am deeply middle-aged and trying to handle it positively…and yes, I am old enough to enjoy any compliments about youthfulness. Recently in a social media related meeting a young advertising man proudly made a number about the fact that ”he’s born to the world of social, and that he does not know it any other way”. Ha. My point exactly. Both are needed, mixture is good.
  • Books. I am a daughter of a librarian. I have too many books, I buy books I don’t need, and I enjoy whenever I can read a book from cover to cover at once (on vacations mainly). Nowadays I am a Kindle girl.
  • World. Travel addict. Would like to travel more than I right now am able to. Dreaming of living in Southern Europe.
  • Always Ready. Ex Girl Scout, so ”Be prepared” is tattooed in my mind.
  • Flying. And finally, I am a proud co-owner of a beautiful DC-3 Dakota. Google OH-LCH.

Glad to help you and your organization, please contact me via >