My Services

I work on many fronts that helps me to effectively support growth-eager companies. The three business developing & growth coach roles of mine:

Firstly, I am a startup entrepreneur and co-founder @ ContractZen.

We are changing the way people deal with their contracts and organize board meetings and other legal administration stuff. Peace of mind for CFOs, CEOs, legal and administrative professionals.


Secondly, I am a member of the superhero consult team Accelerando.

Accelerando is the best startup accelerator in Finland if you ask me. We help companies to grow, to get financed, and conquer the world.

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Thirdly, I have my own one-woman-powerhouse Raesmaa Communications.

I am helping organizations and individuals to shine with the help of sharp strategy work and stunning social marketing and communications.

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On top of that I am doing whatever I can to promote the power of software and digital ways of working. Having a long-time love affair with the software industry have also led me to a powerful network of software entrepreneurs, the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association. Proud to be member of the board in such a great team.

Ok then, how can I help you?

Here’s a quick list of duties I can help you with:

  • Everyday consulting in an uncomplicated manner
    Sparring help with marketing and communications strategy and everyday operations
  • Strategy & Roadmap
    Helping you in your sales & marketing planning and concept. A Road Map for you and your organization.
  • Content Soup Cookbook
    I will help you to understand and apply Content Marketing. From clarifying the big picture of content marketing to the single activities as setting up your company blog.
  • Social Media for you, Director!
    ”Everything you always wanted to know about social media, but were afraid to ask.” Effectively, accurately. To guide you on the map and find your combination of traditional and new means.
  • Relaxed Writing 
    Support for your content production: press releases, blog posts, articles. When I write I try very hard to be sharp and never boring.
  • Professional Branding
    Yes, this expression is a bit smoother than Personal Branding. I will help you to develop your professional social networking and collaboration skills. Personally, I am a good example – Sharing my story.

Get excited, do not be afraid, dare to try.

In all my activities, I am aiming at bringing out some enthusiasm, and at the same time I wish to dispel the common fears related with social marketing (surprisingly many super smart people are still dubious).  Experimentation is necessary in this social change – and you should start with it right now.

Contact me to discuss how I could help!

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