Bragging Dept

Consider yourself warned, light bragging will follow : )

As a social media activist I have had the honor of receiving a couple of very nice recognitions of my actions & activities in social media, especially in Twitter. Here’s a few:

Finnish National Broadcasting company YLE chose the TOP100 in Twitter (in Finland), glad to be on that list. You’ll find me under the category of Internet ans Social Media. They even call me as Innovator, very nice!  Check out the TOP100 list.

Software Giant SAP listed TOP50 Cloud Computing Twitter Influencers
An honor to be on the list where all my cloud idols are. We are two from the Nordics, Mårten Mickos himself, and little me.

CloudTweaks: Women and Cloud Computing, Part II: Four Leading Ladies in the Cloud Conversation

The Next Web listed TOP25 Most Influential People Tweeting about Cloud Computing
Again, it is Mårten Mickos and me from Finland, love it.

There’s many more nice mentions, but enough of bragging now. Hope this shows you that I am not only speaking about social media, but also doing and living it.

LinkedIn Love

For more old-fashioned way of telling what you think of your colleagues is LinkedIn. Most of us do have some nice LinkedIn recommendations from our existing and former bosses and colleagues. And I believe most of us who write recommendations to others truly mean what we say.

Check out my LinkedIn profile and you can find some feedback about me.


PeopleBrowsr Kred service for influence rated me as one of the 1% rank.  Nice!  (January 2013)Kred Score


Ok, there’s lots of discussions about the online influence measuring service Klout and its algorithm. I am no specialist in evaluating it, but I do believe that it gives at least a tiny hint about a person’s activeness and online networking skills.

Here’s my Klout profile


Similar service to Klout, PeerIndex. My profile.

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